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You're a cheerful girl, always have been, even before you came to Soul Society. You don't remember much, but people call you lucky because you remember at least something. The night of your death, you remember vividly, was just for an adrenaline junkie like you.

It's a rainy night and you're already completely wet as you run through the alleys and streets to get home from a friend's place. A car comes speeding towards you and when you open your eyes again, the car is on the other side. You raise an eyebrow, sweat running down your brow as you try to calm down. You're about to sit down and tell the driver everything's okay when you see a body lying in front of the car, blood everywhere. It dawns on you all of a sudden, like a brick to the head.

You: I'm...dead...

Your eyes go wide and your feet automatically move to your body, a serene look on your face. You were always strange when it came to watching accidents and not feeling anything at all, or being amazed at how the body is made, the blood flowing around like water. You were considered a freak in your school, but you gave nothing to it. So your favorite movie genre is horror and you love reading manga and watching anime. Much better than watching mushy and corny stuff that give you diabetes. That's why you're able to see your body and maybe that's also the reason why you remember stuff from when you were alive.

You hear something tearing and you look at the source, finally realizing it's coming from the sky. You see a horrible thing with a long pointy white nose sticking its ugly head out of what seems a black void. Your eyes go wide and topple on your behind, over your body, as it lands with a loud crash. You see the ambulance coming your way, but no one sees the thing except you. You run over to the driver, trying to shake him out of his bawling state.

Thing: Mmmm, what a lovely creature...I will enjoy eating on your soul.

You yelp and duck in the nick of time, running off towards your house. When you realize the thing is chasing you, you dive for another street. The last thing you want to do is endanger your dad and pet bird. You stop at a dead end and groan, running back out, sliding under the creature's large body. It looks at you stupidly confused and you burst out laughing, almost tripping on your own two feet. As you slide around the corner, the creature following, another flash goes off in front of your eyes. You stop and when your vision clears the most handsome guy you've ever seen appears in front of you. He has long black hair and cold blue eyes, dressed in black hakama and a black top, something like a white coat over it and a white scarf around his neck.

As the creature closes up on you, your eyes go wide as he appears next to you, the creature screaming out in pain. The mysterious guy attacks again and slays the beast, pink sakura leaves flowing around you in a breeze that doesn't seem to exist. Your frightened gaze turns into a mellow expression, a smile on your lips, as you look at him.

You: name is Suki...and you?

He looks at you with a blank expression, your smile never fading despite the seriousness of the whole situation. Wherever you're going now, you hope you'll get the chance to find his name.

That's your story, really. Since that day you've been aiming to find out what his name is, never faltering in your decision, despite of what your friends say. You know he's a Shinigami, a captain nonetheless, but you've never seen him in the part of Soul Society where you work as a flower girl. You have to make a living somehow, this seemed the best way, since you ran a flower shop when you were alive. You get orders from all around the Shinigami compound since there are a lot of occasions, plus you own one of the best shops there; one more reason to get a lot of people.

You: are you holding with the orders?
Yuki: Due to the festival being held in a week, our account number has doubled over the past few days. It's quite extraordinary, and with my superb mathematically crafted plan-
You: -_- Yuki...I meant how many orders we have until closing.
Yuki: Oh ^_^
You: take the next one, I'll follow.
Yuki: Hai, Suki-sama!

You shake your head at your silly assistant. She's nice and smart, but sometimes thinks and says things not in context, causing an anime fain to form on your head. You believe she's too smart for her own safety. You've asked why she doesn't become a Shinigami with the brain that could rival her crush, Hitsugaya Toshiro, but she only says the job is intellectually inferior for her. It provokes unwanted attention from the Shinigami that regularly visit the shop.
She goes make the flower arrangement, while you finish the one you were preparing. In this Monochromatic Flower Arrangement different shades of purple Chinese Bellflowers are used, along with some white lilies. You finish, make a receipt and walk out of the shop, holding tightly yet gently onto the flowers. You've experienced a lot of bumping and tripping due to the stuck up lieutenants and others, the captains have never acted rude before. At least not the ones you know. You run into a familiar face along the way and smile, your dark pink hair swaying in the wind.

You: Hello, Ukitake-sama...
Ukitake: Ah, Suki-san...don't you close at this time?
You: Yes, usually...but Yuki and I prolonged the timing since there are a lot of people buying and ordering flowers.
Ukitake: Yes, yes...the time seems most appropriate. Are you coming to the festival?
You: Probably not...I have no one to go with and nothing to do. It's...just not fun for me.
Ukitake: At least come and see what it looks like...your masterpieces will be there.

He walks away and you look at his back, thinking about his words and realizing for the first time in years that he's right. Most of the flowers there will be from your main shop and the setting will be done by the branch shops around Seiretei. You smile faintly and continue walking towards the barracks of the 6th devision, a person almost running you over with their speed, but you manage to dodge just in time. You shake your head after calming down and knock on the door of the division's captain. A voice tells you to come in and you enter with your back, forcing the heavy wood back.

You: I hate this has a grudge against me, I just know it.

Finally turning, you almost drop the flowers, recognizing the man sitting in front of you. His black hair and that beautiful white scarf you could never forget. You swallow, a blush spreading across your cheeks as you finally know who your mysterious saviour from back then is: Kuchiki Byakuya. He looks at you and you smile faintly, stumbling towards the desk and put the flower arrangement on it, taking in his confused expression.

You: What?
Byakuya: I didn't order this.
You: Um...well, I don't know if it was you, but someone did...either way, the bill still exists.
Byakuya: So that's why he ran out.
You: Excuse me?
Byakuya: Take them away.
You: Uh, no.

He looks at you again, a blank expression on his face marring his handsome features.

You: Someone ordered these to be delievered to your office, and quite frankly I don't care. Either you find out who did it and get them to pay, or you do it.
Byakuya: You do know I'm a captain.
You: A receipt is a receipt...we all have to follow the rules, ne? If I gave you this for free, the other customers would point it out and I'd lose my business. I'm sorry.

You give him the receipt and walk out of the office, slamming the door shut, all the while glaring at something or another. His handsome features only go so far, everything else is run by ego and that exceeds the roof level. You feel kind of sad you had to act this way towards him, but it's true. You've dreamt of this day for so many years and now it came down to a possible argument and long noses. Sigh. There's just no pleasing some people.


The festival is a couple of days away and the usually grumpy people are really nice, or they're trying to be nice. You've closed the shop for some vacation time and you feel relaxed as you walk through the park in the middle of the night. You love midnight walks, they always calm you down, did when you were alive as well. You see a familiar person in the distance and sigh, hoping he won't see you as you try to sneak up on him. Byakuya has his back towards you and seems to be staring at the twinkling stars in the dark sky, but your cover is blown away by his sword. You yelp and barely dodge, standing up and dusting yourself from the leaves. You grab his sword and sway from the weight, dragging it towards him since he isn't looking at you. Falling on your behind with a thud, a beautiful red covers your cheeks as you look at him up above.

You: I think...this is yours...Kuchiki-sama...
Byakuya: Now you decide to be formal?
You: Gomen about earlier...but I have a lot of these schemes...I can't afford to cut any slack.
Byakuya: You're Suki...right?
You: remember?

He gives you a small smile and you return a happy smile, cheeks still blushing faintly. He offers you his hand, but you think it's for his sword so you hand it to him. He grabs your wrist and you yelp, being hoisted on your own two feet that seem to buckle under the pressure of him being so close to you. You swallow and look at him, the moon's light illuminating your fragile figure.

Byakuya: I heard the flowers in the festival are yours.
You: Hai...well, most of them at least.
Byakuya: Will you be there?
You: Ukitake-sama suggested I come and see how they set it...but...I still think it's no fun.
Byakuya: The festival? I think it's nice.
You: Opinions differ from person to person...I was never for festivals and I don't think that will change.
Byakuya: You never know.


Yuki: Come on, Suki-sama! We're going if it kills you.
You: What about the store?
Yuki: I think it'll survive on its own for a couple of hours. Put on that cute dress and let's go.

You sigh and go to the back to your office and lock everything up, going home and taking a shower, then put on the cute dress Yuki mentioned. It's a pink kimono top that hangs on your shoulders, showing your cleavage, wide and long sleeves, a white obi and a pair of black short shorts. You bought them a long time ago, but never wore any of it since they don't go with your job. Yuki drags you out of your house while you're still combing your hair and you two run to the festival, she disappearing in a second. You always wondered where she got so much energy, not that you're any different. You walk around, just minding your own business and admiring the flower setting all around.

You notice Ukitake talking to his fellow captains and you smile, waving at him. He smiles and beckons you towards them, wondering what they would want with you. You smile up at him and he introduces you to Hitsugaya Toshiro, Matsumoto Rangiku and two you already know: Kuchiki Rukia and Byakuya.

Rukia: Do you like it?
You: Hm? Yes...they've done a beautiful thing with the flowers. I'm surprised.
Rukia: -_- I ment the festival.
Byakuya & Ukitake: Not fun.
You: ^_^ hai~

They sweat drop and Rangiku gets a wonderfully crazy idea.

Rangiku: Let's play some games!
You & Toshiro: No!

They look at you two and you blush, clearing your throat and crossing your arms across your chest.

You: Bad memories...I don't like games.
Rangiku: But they're fun.
You: No, they're childish...
Rangiku: Then what would you do to spice this festival?
You: Um...cause a Hollow to attack...I just love running from them ^_^
Rukia: Baka! *hits your head* You can't do that.
You: I know, I know...she asked, I answered...don't hit me for it...I'm going to look around a little more...I'll see you tomorrow if you can get up, ya drunk Shinigami.
Rangiku: We're not drunk.
You: -_-'

You walk away, running into Yuki not far away, so you run after her into a dark alley. She yelps as she hits the ground, you hearing some men talking and Yuki whimpering. You gasp and look around for a torch of some kind, casting your shadow on the alley as you appear. You call your friend's name and they all look at you brandishing a dangerous torch. They make their way towards you, but you throw the fire at them, Yuki running towards you. She grabs your hand and you two make your daring escape, hiding in the crowd of people surrounding you.

You: I'll get them away...go get a captain, Kuchiki or Ukitake-sama.
Yuki: Hai, be careful!
You: You know it.

She goes another way and the men follow you, your light figure a bit too fast for them to keep up. You make your way through Soul Society and they don't seem to stop any time soon. Unfortunately, you lock yourself in a dead end, turning around to see the men have caught up to you already. Their chests fall up and down rapidly from the lack of air, but their sinister grins stay on their ugly faces. You back away, but one grabs your wrist tightly, pulling you towards him. His fist makes contact with your stomach and you double over, coughing. He pulls you up again and a flame appears next to your face.

Man: You'll pay for that, little girl...while you scream in pain, we'll have some fun with you.

A scream erupts from you lips as the flame is pressed against your held arm, unable to move since you're being held from behind as well. Tears fall and you hear zippers moving, another scream escaping. The one holding the torch is thrown away, his head cracking against the wall, the other three backing away. You gasp and fall to the ground, holding in your cries and screams from now on. They run away and you recognize the socks and shoes to belong to an unknown Shinigami captain. This person helps you sit up and you gasp, tears blurring your vision.

Byakuya: Are you alright?
You: hand...
Byakuya: I'll get you to the doctor.

You kiss his soft lips and surprisingly, he kisses you back longingly. He wipes your tears away and you chuckle.

You: I'm just a flower girl...but I still love you.
Byakuya: You're not just a flower're my flower girl.
You: ^_^ arigatou, Kuchiki-sama...

Just a flower girl [Kuchiki Byakuya one-shot]

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