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Your name is Hinamori Teya, you belong to a group of 10 medic-nins who are considered to be the best in the five countries and are directly under the Hokage. Sort of like ANBU, you are sent on missions, but mostly to heal fallen warriors. Unlike the others in your team, you do not know how to fight, being physically too weak to withstand a simple punch. That's why people tell you you're not a Shinobi at all, just a really good doctor. You're also the youngest, being just 24 years old. You, on the other hand, do not care what other people have to say about you. Your job is to heal and save lives, not fight other people's battles. You're a quiet person, someone who tends to stay out of other people's business, but you're not shy. You're just apathetic, more or less.

You do not remember your past; you only know you were brought to Konoha when you were 15 years old, living in a small social apartment the Hokage gave you. But even his kindness didn't make you feel any more welcomed, or loved. You always had the distinct feeling that people were talking behind your back. Your chocolate colored skin increased it even more. You were considered an exotic present to the males in the village and everyone wanted some piece of it. Gradually, you started to close your heart to others, your voice disappeared into the recesses of your mind and you gave up on having friends. Boys approached you while you were growing up, but you ignored every one of them. Even a man whom you could actually call a friend: Hatake Kakashi. He's the only one who talks to you in friendly terms, the one who talks to you at all.

The Hokage sent you on a mission with two teams of Chuunins and two Jounins: Hatake Kakashi and Maito Gai to track down Akatsuki members. You're making your way to the entrance where they'll be waiting for you and as you near it, you begin seeing them: talking, arguing or just standing in silence. You sigh and stop by their side, one Uzumaki Naruto freaking out as he never saw you approach them...

Kakashi: Thanks for coming, Teya-chan.
Gai: This mission will now take even longer than planned.
Kakashi: She's a medic-nin, Gai...
Gai: Still...

You step closer to him and put a hand on his chest, the students looking at you, even Kakashi. Your body gains this fiery aura and the energy flows through your body, dispelling through your hand. Gai is thrown far away and is unable to catch himself because you took the Chakra from his legs. The students stare in awe, but you only blink and let your arm fall beside your body. Gai stands up after you return his Chakra and feels slightly embarrassed for looking weak in front of his students.

You've been on a move for a week, your excellent healing skills coming in handy one too many times. You have your own tent in which you sleep because you don't want anyone near you, nor touching you. Naruto tried to challenge you into a fight when he got fed up with the silence. When you didn't do anything to heed his words, he grabbed your shoulder, only to be grabbed around the throat by a fiery tentacle made out of Chakra. You don't have a kekkei genkai, only your ever improving skills. You suck at all ninja arts, so you use your Chakra to dispose of your enemies. You've learned everything there is about Chakra and you know how to protect yourself from anyone ever trying to take control of you.

As the teams stop for another rest, mainly because of you, you sit down by a tree, staring at nothing. You see a clay spider crawling towards the teams and you open your mouth to say something when it blows up. Everyone is thrown off their feet and into the forest with screams, but you stay on your spot, shielded by your own protective bubble. The teams are on high alert and you stand up, dusting your skirt off. Clay birds swoop in and your eyes go wide as you push two kids down to the ground. Kakashi tells them to go into a defense position around you, while you take care of the wounds, restoring their Chakra supplies. A giant bird flaps above you and you see blonde hair for a fraction of a second before it swoops down on the four of you, blowing up immediately. The students manage to move out of the way without major injuries while you just turn around and cover your head, your shield expanding.

The fight lasts about half an hour, explosions rocking everywhere around you, the scene becoming one huge massacre. You're thrown in the direction of a tree, hitting its trunk face first. You fall to the ground and wince, rubbing your cheek. One of your teammates charges at you and your eyes go wide, realizing it's Gai's younger double, and move away just in time. The kunai misses you by an inch. You cut the Chakra strings away from him with your fingernails. The child falls to the ground unconscious and you sigh quietly, three elaborate puppets flying towards you. You shield yourself by putting your arms in front of your face, but nothing happens. You look up and see the puppets standing still in mid air, just looking at you. Kakashi tells you to run back to Konoha, but you shake your head, making three clones of your own. You send them back home by using a dimensional teleportation jutsu, hoping they'll be alright. You dodge matrix style as a blade almost cuts you in half as well and do cartwheels backwards, gaining distance. You let out a cry of pain as a blade cuts the length of your arm. You jump away and slide on the ground on your feet, falling through some bushes and down a steep hill, hitting your head and land on the ground in an unconscious heap.

You wake up in a blurry surrounding and blink a couple of times, trying to get used to the darkness around you. You sigh and pull yourself to your feet, your arm hurting from the fight. You heal your arm and forehead, seeing bars in front of you. You stand up and walk to the said objects. The orange Chakra cuts two pieces and you put them lightly on the ground, walking out stealthily. You push strands of hair behind your ear and sigh, looking down the dark hallways. Just as you move out a guy with blond hair rounds the corner. You two stare at each other and you take a step back.

Guy: How'd you get out, hm?

You back away and go back the way you came only to go into a different corridor to try and find a way out. Unfortunately, you're not very good at orientation so you end up in a dead end, pounding on the wall in front of you. A throat is cleared behind you and your amber eyes fall upon the man from before and now two others: a hunchbacked puppet looking thing with a cloth over his mouth and a young man with black hair and red eyes. You back away as far as you can, keeping your eyes on the puppet. Suddenly, the tail from underneath the cloak covering the puppet flies towards you, the tip covered in thick poison...

You: Hiruko...

The tail stops inches from your face and lowers to the ground, the men staring at you. Some memories of your past begin flowing back into your mind. You remember a puppeteer named Sasori who joined Akatsuki and you as his student. He taught you everything there is about the human body. He taught you how to manipulate your Chakra.

Guy: This little girl knows you, Sasori no Danna. Hm.
Sasori: Hinamori...Teya...
Guy: The student that disappeared, hm?

You swallow hard and move past the tail, slowly walking to the puppet master who was once your friend. Your fingers trail under the cloth and a small click resonates through the dark, empty cavern. Sasori, in all his glory steps out of his own puppet and it disappears in a seal he has inside his cloak. You stare at his red eyes and his red hair, smiling faintly...

You: Sasori.

You hug him tightly, reaching his chin, and smile, happy to be with your friend again, even if you don't remember him well. His arms touch your back, the cold wooden skin touching your warm human one.

Guy: What's going on here, Sasori no Danna?
Sasori: Nothing.
Deidara: Whatever.
You: Sa-chan...

The two other men leave the two of you alone and you smile faintly, hugging him tighter. You look up into his brown eyes, a blush creeping on your face as well. Only now, do you realize how handsome he really is. Sasori only stares at you, remembering all the good times the two of you had. Even if he is a puppet, he's loved you as a friend since you first started following him around, spying on him as he polished and worked on his puppets and fell in love with you when you were taken away from him. We never understand how little we need in this world until we know the loss of it. How precious things are until we've lost them.

He leads you to where the leader of Akatsuki has his office. You hide behind Sasori, clutching his cloak, when you see all the other Akatsuki members gathered there as well. The one called Deidara asks where you've gotten to and your amber eyes look from behind your friend, lighting up the room immediately. All other eyes are set on you and a man with bright orange hair and piercings all over the place steps from the shadows, looking at you. He asks you of your name and you tell it, scared for your life. You clutch Sasori's cloak even more when he asks you to join them. You swallow hard and look up at Sasori's eyes, seeing a small glint of happiness, but only for a second or so. You smile faintly and nod, which makes the others raise an eyebrow at how you just agreed to something so dangerous.

Leader: You do know you will be exiled from your village.
You: I wasn't welcomed either way.
Leader: Then Sasori will show you to your room, I'll call you when I decide upon a partner.
You: I...I'm not good at taijutsu nor ninjutsu...I'm just a medic-nin...why...why do you want me?
Leader: All in due time, Teya...


You: I remember when you used to show me how to make them...maybe that's why I'm such a good medic-nin.

You smile as you look up at him, he still polishing his puppets. You sit on the ground and watch him do that, his delicate stroking, his preciseness, his persistence. You blush at your own dirty thoughts and look away. He looks at you with his blank expression and wonders in his mind why you're blushing like that. He ushers the thought that you return his feelings from his mind, continuing on working. You get on your knees and look at him closely, licking your lips.

You: Sasori...why'd you...never come looking for me?

He stops polishing and you're slammed into the wall all of a sudden, making you gasp at the pain. He advances on you, one of his puppets holding you by the neck...

You: Sasori...I...can't...breathe...

You drop to the ground and cough, inviting air into your lungs. He kneels down and you look up at him, eyes teary. He hugs you tightly, your face in his chest...

You: I'm sorry, Sa-chan...I...I lost my memory of the past...I don't even remember you well, I just know you were there for me when I needed you...

He stays quiet and only hugs you tighter, so you lean on his shoulder, sniffing a little. You snake your arms around his neck, pulling yourself into him. He looks at you and blinks, not realizing your face is drawing closer. You touch his lips with yours, pushing him into a shy and gentle kiss. He kisses you back after overcoming his initial shock, making you smile faintly. You move away, your cheeks flushed crimson red...

You: I'm sorry...

You stand up and run out of his room and back into your own. You close the door afterwards and sigh, sliding down to the ground against it. You bite your bottom lip and smile widely, leaning your head on the door behind.

Lost & Found [Sasori one-shot]

Recent Game Medals

Wrath of the Kraken 25 Points Kill the criminal with the Summon card. Medal Stats.
Serpent Swallow 25 Points Kill the couple with the Summon card. Medal Stats.
Intruder 25 Points Kill the lumberjack with the Possession card. Medal Stats.
SECRET MEDAL 50 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
Something Fishy 100 Points Escape Jail and Trigger the Strange Device. Medal Stats.
Happy Hatter 25 Points You must have left a positive impression on the hatter. Medal Stats.
Hatter, Mad 25 Points The Hatter seems Madder. Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 7 (From 2 different games.)